Preview: The Making of “The Teacup Pig”

Here’s a glimpse into the process of making Pigxel Art.  I like to think that the appeal and charm of Pigxel Art lies in the fact that it is 100% hand made.  It is sketched on paper, it is redrawn on paper, it is inked on paper, and it is colored on paper.  While there are exceptions for certain products or designs (the Christmas Gift labels being one), the core of Pigxel Art will always be hand made.

In this timelapse video, I’ve shared one step of the process.  The sketches are drawn and redrawn until the pose and concept is simplified and clear.  Then the sketches are redrawn in blue pencil as a clean up drawing on high quality watercolor paper.  All the details are refined at this point, so that the drawing looks very similar to the final product.  The blue pencil is then inked over with a brush (this is the part you are seeing in the video).  After that, the drawing is handpainted with watercolor paints and the final drawing is scanned into the computer.  At this point, the drawing will be used in a number of ways on appropriate products, and a print of the original artwork will be made available for purchase as well.

The final artwork of “The Teacup Pig” will be available on the shop very soon!