“8-Bit Breaktime” Print Now Available

I know, I know, you are waiting for more pig artwork, and I promise it is coming!  I have been busy with client obligations and I have a backlog of artwork to share, so I wanted to release some of it on the shop.  I mean, certainly some Pigxel Art is better than none, right?

Submitted for your approval is a piece titled “8-Bit Breaktime,” and it is a glimpse into the downtime of one of my all time favorite plumbers.   Winding down after a long day of work, for this guy, means ordering a pizza, putting on the 8-Bit tunes, turning off his mind, relaxing and floating downstream.  And wow, I think he might even have been reading a Pigxel Art brochure!

This is more the PIXEL side, rather than the PIGXEL, but I hope you like it anyway.  And the next series of Sukoshi Buta art is coming soon!  You might even get a glimpse at some of it as soon as next week! (tease, tease)