Life Imitates Art: Esther The Wonder Pig

How crazy is this? Internet superstar Esther the Wonder Pig recently posted a photo with her “little friend,” a frog who was relaxing on her head. Does her photo remind you of anything? Esther has hundreds of thousands of fans and we have, well, hundreds, so it is very unlikely they would have seen our artwork. When we were creating our products we were thinking how unlikely this scenario would be, but now the real life version appears in front of our very eyes! Now as far as we know, there is no ladybug to be found in this photo, but still – what an amazing coincidence of life imitating art that we thought was worth sharing with you!

If you haven’t liked her page yet, do it now! She will change your life.

Photo on left Copyright Esther the Wonder Pig, Picture on right Copyright Pigxel Art